And not a single rational argument or non-childish post was made by a liberal this day.

This is really sad….

Never seen a republican act like that? Maybe that has something to do with Republicans not feeling the need to send other republicans hate mail… I think there are demons on both sides, but come on. Don’t play innocent. Liberals are not worse - there are couple of liberal blogs where a republican has found their address and sent them death threats. There are uninformed and/or violent people on both sides of the table. Just because republicans are the one with the reputation for more than just jackass bullshit and democrats get caught doing it too doesn’t mean republicans still haven’t earned that reputation.

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    This is extremely rude. This is why politics is corrupt. (statements like this coming from both sides have to stop.)
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    I don’t normally blog political stuff, but this needs to be seen.
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    Oh my God, I was trying to keep down on the political stuff I was reblogging but DAMN. Yeah, because that’s a great way...
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    Okay that’s true, I am sorry! :(
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    oh my GOD people holy shit. There are hateful liberals. There are hateful conservatives. There are hateful moderates....
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    hey i’m a homestuck blog and i reblogged this shit in agreement with you >:[
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    ugh this is stupid. no matter what view, no better what subject, so long as there are contrasting views, there will...
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    im callin shenanigans go to each person EVVERY message sent evven the anons and givve me 100% hard hittin truth that...